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    Chris Evans, impersonating Tom’s impression of Chris playing Loki, pretending to be Captain America vs Tom Hiddleston, Impersonating Chris Evans, as Loki, pretending to be Captain America  

    Can I just point out that Chris Evans is so used to holding the shield that when he turns around in that last gif, it stays right where it’s meant to be, whereas when Tom does it, it kinda flaps about a bit? I would never have noticed how holding the shield is an actual skill had it not been for someone else doing it like this.

    A weapon is an extension of yourself. Look at how smoothly and naturally Evans moves with the shield. This is because he knows the weapon so well. He carries it with confidence as a result of that experience. Meanwhile Tom, who lacks that, sort of fumbles with it. He isn’t used to this weapon, so of course their methods of carrying the shield are dramatically different.

    I feel this is really important to both their characters. Steve is assured of his skills. He can fight and use the shield in creative ways. And Loki is simply mimicking whomever he chooses. He always gives himself away even in disguise because of his mannerisms. Meaning no matter who you pretend to be ( for Loki ) or what you’ve been through ( for Steve ) you can never truly mask personality or training.


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    Alex Turner, Black&White.

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    The 1975 released singles: first and last lines (insp.)

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    Alex and sunglasses
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    scotty’s face really sums it up

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